Northgate Homes of New York, Inc



 FINANCING: A important step as this will determine where you stand financially
a. Review your budget
b. If applying for loan get pre approval

a. If you have land then will need  a engineered design of septic system and location of well if needed
b. If you do not have land then of course will have to go through process of purchasing.
TIP: It is a good idea to have excavator look at the property before committing  since many factors
such as fill, drainage, design of septic and  well if needed  can effect the total outcome.

a. Decide on a floor plan that meets your family needs, budget, and lot size.
b. Plans can be obtain by visiting our office, online, or from your own drawings.
c. Decide if want 8-ft or 9-ft foundation, Arxx Foundation, Garage, Porch, and/or any Decks so they can be added to plan and total cost.

a. Decisions on roof type (shingles or metal), siding type/color, style of trim/doors, ceiling heights, cabinet style, flooring, heating system, air conditioning, etc.
b. Additional options include tray ceilings, recessed lights, archways, hard surface countertops, grilles in the windows, shutters, outside window trim, etc.

a. A estimate can be given once get drawing and specifications set.
b. This process of finalizing plan and pricing can take some time as usually design  and specifications change.
c. After floor plan is set, then will proceed to get blueprints.  This can take 2-4 weeks depending on engineers schedule.
d. Once blueprints are delivered Customer will rceive two copies. (One will be for Building inspector).
e. After approval of blueprint and final price quote a contract is drawn which then can be taken to the bank.
f. After receiving commitment letter from bank then blueprints can be taken to the building inspector so a building permit can be issued.

*** Please note pricing is generally good for 30 days as price varies per month on materials. All final pricing will reflect on final Contract.

a. After approval of final quote and specifications the process of ordering and building your dream house can take place. This process can take from 6-10 weeks.
b.  During this time the excavation work, septic system, well and foundation will need to be completed. (Need building permit)
c.  If planning on using propane then location of tank should be ready and a call should be made to your supplier so tank and fuel will be delivered ( Depending on season this can take up to 4 weeks).
d. After modular is constructed it is then delivered to site where it will be set and finished by Northgate Home of NY Inc.
e. Any additional structures such as garage, porch, and decks will be constructed  on site.
f. The process of finishing a house can take from 2-8 weeks depending on size and additional work.

a. After house is complete a final walk through will be done with customer and the building inspector
b. A Certificate of Occupancy will be issued after approval from building inspectors final inspection

Please call (518-843-0191) for additional information.  Appointments can be made for your convenience.